Sunday, June 13

How courage has led a local pet shop to digitalise and thrive



“Back then, it was a bold move for us to digitalise. Now, we’re thriving despite the pandemic.”
– Darren Cheong, Irene Aquarium

Located in Petaling Jaya, Irene Aquarium is a family-owned pet shop that has been serving its surrounding communities for over 20 years. It is now managed by mother-and-son duo Vivien and Darren Cheong.

A few years ago, Vivien had a bold thought. She saw the potential of gaining more sales online and wanted to digitalise the business – even when she lacked knowledge and experience in digitalisation. But she went ahead with it anyway because she believed it would do the business good. Thankfully, she had the support of her digitally savvy sons who helped her build a website. Not long after, they ventured into popular e-commerce and social media platforms.

A few years later today, in our pandemic present, Irene Aquarium is thriving with increased online sales. All thanks to Vivien’s courage to digitalise, and the family’s ingenuity.

Reaching new customers easily with the Digital Marketing Starter Kit

To Vivien and Darren, it’s important to always stay ahead, even if business is good. So they decided to get into digital marketing to grow their customer base and reach potential customers beyond Klang Valley. But that came with a set of challenges. They were unfamiliar with the technical aspects of online advertising, especially when it involves platforms such as Google and Facebook.

They needed a solution that could help them do all of that easily. That’s when the Maxis SME Help Squad recommended the Digital Marketing Starter Kit. The Maxis SME Help Squad also helped them apply for the SME Digitalisation Grant and claim funding of up to RM5,000.

Now with the Digital Marketing Starter Kit, Vivien and Darren are able to create digital ads within a minute using readily available design templates, and reach customers on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

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To stay ahead in business, Vivien and Darren took bold steps to digitalise, and seized the opportunity to claim funding of up to RM5,000 with the SME Digitalisation Grant. Best of all, they found the right partner in Maxis Business. A partner that will be with them every step of the way in their digitalisation journey.

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