Friday, June 25

A guide for those aged 60 and above to submit Covid-19 vaccination appointment enquiries via ‘Helpdesk’ in MySejahtera


A list of enquiries is available for user to choose from at the ‘Helpdesk’ website of the MySejahtera app.

KUCHING (June 6): Those aged 60 and above but have yet to receive their Covid-19 vaccination appointments can now submit their enquiries via ‘Helpdesk’ in the MySejahtera application.

Firstly, they will need to open their MySejahtera app and click on ‘Helpdesk’ on the top right corner of the homepage.

Then, they will be redirected to the ‘Helpdesk’ website and click on ‘Start’ to choose one of the enquiries listed.

For those aged 60 and above but did not receive their appointment, they can click on option ‘B’ for ’60 years old and above but haven’t received my appointment (Phase 2)’.

Once the option has been chosen, they will have to indicate whether they are suffering from any chronic illness by choosing either option A for ’60 years old and above with chronic illness’ or option B for ‘60 years old and above without chronic illness’.

After one of the options is chosen, the ‘Helpdesk’ will first inform them to click on the ‘Covid-19 Vaccination’ icon on the MySejahtera app homepage and choose ‘Vaccine for [your name]’ to view the appointment details.

If it does not work, they can then click on ’No, it doesn’t work’ and they will be required to key in their MySejahtera ID Number, also known as MySJ User ID’ and their IC or passport number.

MySejahtera ID Number can be found by clicking on ‘Profile’ at the bottom right corner of the MySejahtera app and it will be displayed along with the IC/passport number and the State of the user.

Once both MySJ User ID and IC/passport number have been keyed in, they will need to click ‘Next’ before being required to provide their email address for the relevant agency to contact them.