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Covid-19: 4 deaths in Sarawak as new cases creep up to 703


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KUCHING (June 7): Sarawak today recorded four deaths from Covid-19 along with 703 new cases, said the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in a statement.

The figures brought the total death toll in the state to 326, and the cumulative total of positive cases to 51,874 cases.

The 323rd death was a 63-year-old man in Sri Aman whose body was brought in to Sri Aman Hospital. His swab test was found positive on June 4. He had comorbidity of diabetes.

The 324th death was a man aged 72 in Kapit who was found positive on June 2. He had comorbidities of end-stage kidney disease and hypertension.

The 325th death involved a 62-year-old woman in Mukah who was treated at Sibu Hospital. Her swab test was found positive on May 21. She had comorbidities of hypertension and dyslipidemia.

The 326th death was a man aged 50 in Miri. His test for Covid-19 was found positive on May 27. He had comorbidities of diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease.

As for new cases for the day, SDMC said that a total of 346, or 49.21 per cent, of today’s cases were detected in Kuching, Miri and Tanjung Manis, with the first two districts registering triple-digit cases.

“The new cases were recorded in Kuching (139), Miri (139), Tanjung Manis (68), Kapit (58), Sibu (55), Bintulu (52), Song (49), Samarahan (25), Kabong (17), Sebauh (16), Beluru (16), Subis (9), Kanowit (8), Tatau (8), Mukah (7), Asajaya (6), Selangau (6), Sri Aman (5), Telang Usan (4), Dalat (3), Serian (3), Marudi (3), Bukit Mabong (2), Sarikei (2), Meradong (2) and Betong (1),” it said.

Out of the 703 new cases reported, 39 showed signs and experienced symptoms of Covid-19 infection during the screening.

A total of 604 cases comprised individuals who have been given quarantine orders at designated quarantine centres.

From the new cases, 446 cases are results of screening individuals who had contact with positive cases, and all are asymptomatic.

Another 154 cases are individuals screened from currently active infection clusters and none of them had symptoms either.

Meanwhile, 60 cases are from other screenings at healthcare centres and they are also asymptomatic, while 39 cases are from screening symptomatic individuals at healthcare centres.

There are four imported case of returnees from other states in the country, and all are asymptomatic.

SDMC said that there were 513 recovery and discharged cases for the day.

“These cases were from Miri Hospital and Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) under Miri Hospital (107), Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) and PKRC under SGH (103), Bintulu Hospital and PKRC under Bintulu Hospital (92), Sibu Hospital and Quarantine and PKRC in Sibu (68), Kapit Hospital and PKRC under Kapit Hospital (48), PKRC Mukah (28), Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC Sri Aman (24), Sarikei Hospital and PKRC under Sarikei Hospital (21), PKRC Serian (11), and PKRC Betong (11).

“As of today, 42,358 or 81.65 per cent of total cases have recovered and discharged,” it said.

SDMC said that a total of 9,078 cases are still being treated at hospitals and various PKRC throughout the state.

There were 703 new Person-Under-Investigation (PUI) reported today, bringing the cumulative total of PUIs to 64,507 to-date.

As for Person-Under-Surveillance (PUS), there were 340 individuals who have checked into designated quarantine centres for their compulsory quarantine today. This brings the total of current PUS to 5,474 individuals at 105 hotels and non-hotel quarantine centres statewide.

To-date, those who have completed their quarantine period numbered at 112,716.