Saturday, July 24

Organisations appeal for speedy vaccination of disabled in Sarawak


Isak Ngau

KUCHING (June 9): Organisations representing the disabled have appealed to the state government to expedite the vaccination of persons with disabilities in Sarawak.

In a statement, the Society of the Blind Malaysia (Sarawak), Persatuan Anak Istimewa Sarawak (Perais), and Daro-Matu Special Needs Association (Idam) pointed out the Welfare Department (JKM) has data on disabled persons in the state.

“This makes it easier for JKM to search for disabled persons who are registered in Sarawak and contact the disabled persons for the vaccination process,” said spokesman Isak Ngau, who is Society of the Blind Malaysia (Sarawak) chairman.

According to him, so far none of their members who have registered for vaccination via MySejahtera have been inoculated.

Isak opined disabled Sarawakians participating in major sporting events should also be vaccinated as soon as possible.

“Like the national athletes who already received their vaccines, other Sarawakian (disabled) athletes need to get vaccinated because they too must be accompanied at all times be it by their coaches or family members,” he said.

He pointed out as there will be a national level sporting event for the disabled in Johor next year, vaccinating the athletes would definitely help in their preparation to bring Sarawak glory.

Isak also voiced his disappointment at cases of VIPs using lanes meant for the disabled at vaccination centres.

“Apologies are not enough and stern action and compounds should be imposed on the VIPs to provide lessons and examples to the public not to disparage disabled people.

“We also request that the State Disaster Management Committee be firm and not practise double standards,” he added.