Catch Borneo Jazz Festival 2021 via Shopee Live this June 25-27


Fans of the music can enjoy live BJF2021performances by a host of renowned jazz artistes via Shopee Live, with the broadcast to commence at 6pm every day from June 25 to 27.

KUCHING (June 15): The Borneo Jazz Festival (BJF) 2021, set to take place on the following weekend after this year’s virtual Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), would also be streamed via Shopee Live.

According to a spokesperson, jazz lovers could enjoy live performances by a host of renowned artistes such as Clinton Jerome Chua, O-Ha Soul Band, Nisa Addina, Ta’Dan and the ‘Prince of Borneo’ himself, Pete Kallang, live via the online shopping platform, with the broadcast to commence at 6pm every day from June 25 to 27.

In augmenting the whole virtual experience, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) has also set up an official store on Shopee, featuring merchandise items highlighting both RWMF and BJF such as limited-edition T-shirts, exclusive ‘Batik Linut’ and printed ‘Batik’ face masks, as well as other attractive products from the ‘Land of the Hornbill’.

The fans could also enjoy in-store vouchers offering discounts up to RM8 off, shipping subsidy up to RM13 and ‘Coins Cashback’ capped at RM5 over purchases from the STB store.

Shopee regional managing director Ian Ho remarked: “We understand that the much-anticipated and iconic RWMF and BJF would be held virtually for the first-time ever, and we’re very excited to be streaming these musical events on Shopee Live for Malaysians across the country to catch.

“Not only do we get to use our technology to show our support for the local talents, we would also put the spotlight on the state’s amazing offerings. As both musical events coincide with our ‘7.7 Mid Year Sale’, we would take the opportunity to drive the sales for Sarawakian sellers during this period where everyone can have a good time tuning in to the RWMF and BJF virtual experiences while enjoying a fix of home-cooked ‘Laksa Sarawak’, ‘Kolo Mee’ and ‘Three-Layer Tea’.

“Just type ‘Sarawak’ on Shopee search bar to discover more.

“We wish STB and all musicians the best of luck with the virtual experiences,” said Ho.

While enjoying the festivals, Malaysians can also take the opportunity to enjoy free shipping with RM0 minimum spent, 120 per cent ‘Coins Cashback’, 7.7 million vouchers with savings up to 77 per cent, as well as earning from a pool of 27 million Shopee Coins and win a PlayStation 5 during the ‘7.7 Mid Year Sale’ – running from June 18 to July 7.

On Jun 25’s‘Payday Sale’ and ‘7.7 Mid Year Sale’, users would be able to enjoy special ‘Limited Time Deals’, ‘Limited Time Vouchers’, and ‘Super Brands Spotlight’ from over thousands of brands and sellers, starting at midnight.

“Tune in to Shopee Live on weekdays at 8pm to catch ‘Shopee Guess The Price’ game show for a chance to take home RM5,000. Double your chances of winning on June 18 and 25, as well as on July 7, as there would be an additional episode on these dates, beginning at noon daily,” said Shopee.

The audience too would not go home empty-handed as they could join the participants in guessing the correct product price and win from a pool of more than 100,000 Shopee Coins.

The fun and games continue with ‘7.7 Mid Year Sale Show’ on July 6, from 9pm to 11pm, on Shopee Live and TV3.

The show offers a jam-packed programme with attractive prizes worth up to RM70,000 as well as 7,777,777 coins to be won through ‘Shopee Shake – Battle Mode’ and ‘Shopee Lucky Code’. Catch performances by local celebrities and claim exclusive vouchers during dedicated ‘Mega Voucher Drops’ sessions.

For more information about RWMF 2021 and BJF 2021 on Shopee Live, and also the limited-edition merchandise items, go to

“All offers and bargains are subject to terms and conditions,” said Shopee.

The RWMF 2021, set for this June 18 to 20, would be held virtually and free of charge.

With Shopee named as STB’s official e-commerce partner, the shows would also be streamed via Shopee Live every day from 6pm onwards.

Since 1998, the RWMF has grown to become a highly-anticipated global annual event that celebrates culture and heritage through music.

Every year, festival-goers around the world would flock to the foot of Mount Santubong near here to indulge in the diversity of world music through various workshops, cultural and craft displays, food showcase, and concerts.

The festival was cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The line-up of artistes slated for ‘RWMF 2021 Virtual Experience’ include Borneo-born Dayak-European Alena Murang who recently released her new album ‘Sky Songs’, Kemada, Sang Rawi, Mathew Ngau, At Adau, Suk Binie’, Nading Rhapsody and World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) champion Tuku’ Kame’.

STB chief executive Datu Sharzede Salleh Askor commented: “Our partnership with Shopee allows us to continue showcasing these musical events, but in a different way.

“There will also be interview sessions with the musicians, prize giveaways, a past performance showcase and more.

“While we cannot replicate the experience and atmosphere of a live performance, we hope that fans and Malaysians would still get to enjoy these fun-packed showcases with their families at home.”