Wednesday, July 6

Covid-19: 682 new infections in Sarawak with Kapit top of list


A Covid-19 swab team in the thick of action carrying out sampling at a longhouse in Sibu recently.

KUCHING (June 21): Sarawak recorded 682 new Covid-19 infections today with Kapit seeing a big spike in cases, the state disaster management committee said.

The committee also reported in its Covid-19 update today that there was a death at the Bintulu Hospital and Sibu Hospital.

Sarawak’s cumulative number of Covid-19 cases has now reached 60,482 with a total of 382 deaths.

The committee said 61 per cent of the new cases were concentrated in the districts of Kapit, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Telang Usan.

Kapit district recorded the most number of Covid-19 cases today at 121, compared to 20 yesterday.

The district with the second highest number of cases was Kuching with 83, followed by Sibu (75), Bintulu (69), Telang Usan (68), Tanjung Manis (48), Tatau (36), Miri (28), Sarikei (27), Bau (24), Sri Aman (23), Mukah (19), Kanowit (17), Subis (11), Meradong (seven), Pakan (six), Bukit Mabong (six), Song (three), Limbang (two), Beluru (two), and one each in Julau, Tebedu, Lundu, Serian, Saratok, Sebauh and Lawas.

SDMC said the death in Bintulu Hospital involved an 85-year-old woman from Mukah who was tested positive on June 3, while the second death at Sibu Hospital involved a 78-year-old man from Sibu who tested positive on June 8.

“Both deceased did not have any comorbidities,” SDMC said.

Meanwhile, SDMC said 61 patients had exhibited Covid-19 symptoms when taking their swab tests and a majority of the new cases today or 604 positive patients were detected among people undergoing quarantine.

Of those under quarantine, 408 were also classified as close contact of previously detected Covid-19 patients and 191 involved individuals related to existing Covid-19 active clusters and 19 of them were symptomatic patients.

The committee pointed out the state had recorded three import cases of Covid-19 from Indonesia and all three patients were asymptomatic.

Another two import cases were detected from individuals returning from other states and one of them was symptomatic.

As for new recoveries, the committee said 392 patients had recovered and were discharged from hospitals today with 97 of them from the Sarawak General Hospital and its Covid-19 low-risk treatment and quarantine centre (PKRC).

“The cumulative recoveries reported in the state so far is 49,563 or 81.95 per cent of overall positive cases in the state.”

It said there are currently 10,405 Covid-19 patients or 17.2 per cent of all positive cases still receiving treatment in hospitals and PKRC.

A total of 102 patients were admitted in intensive care units and 26 of them required intubation, it said.

SGH and its PKRC have the most Covid-19 patients at 2,911, followed by Sibu Hospital and PKRC (1,957), Bintulu Hospital (1,503), Miri Hospital (1,394), Kapit Hospital and PKRC (901), Sarikei Hospital (610), Sri Aman Hospital (495), Mukah PKRC (363), Serian PKRC (159), Lawas PKRC (14), Betong PKRC (96) and Limbang Hospital (two).

Sarawak had recorded 686 new patients-under-investigation with only one waiting for laboratory results.

There are also 417 new persons-under-surveillance who had been registered to be quarantined, bringing the total number of people under quarantine at 104 centres in the state to 5,448.