Tuesday, September 28

Harden: Sri Aman Hospital’s second Covid-19 PKRC to commence operations this Wednesday


Harden (fourth right) and others look on as Ahmad (fifth left) symbolically hands over the key to Dr Sim (third right).

KUCHING (June 21): Sri Aman Hospital’s second Covid-19 Quarantine and Low-risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) at Taman Harmoni Community Hall will commence operations this Wednesday (June 23), said Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis.

He revealed the renovation works on the hall to turn it into a PKRC was recently completed and a symbolic handing over ceremony by the hall management committee to Sri Aman Hospital was held yesterday.

Harden, who is also Assistant Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister, explained the new PKRC is needed to accommodate the expected increase in Covid-19 patients.

“All the relevant agencies were involved in transforming this hall into a PKRC. The equipment needed was purchased based on advise from the director of Sri Aman Hospital.

“I have always wanted to make sure the works done on this hall are according to specifications, so that those treated here irrespective of their social and political background are given the best form of treatment,” he said in the statement.

The symbolic handing over ceremony on Sunday saw the chairman of the hall management committee, Ahmad Alwi Kipli handing over the key to Sri Aman Hospital deputy director Dr Sim Poh Ling.

Harden, Sri Aman Resident Indit Bangai, Sri Aman disaster management committee secretary Ramon Addy and representatives from Public Works Department were among those present to witness the handing over ceremony.

It had been previously reported the PKRC at Taman Harmoni community hall would be capable of housing 50 bunk beds to accommodate 100 patients at any one time.

It was also previously disclosed that another PKRC would be set up at the Sri Aman Indoor Stadium which would be able to accommodate at least 210 patients at any one time.

Sri Aman is currently one of the Covid-19 red zone districts in Sarawak having registered 409 cases in the past two weeks. Six deaths due to the coronavirus have been recorded there so far.