Friday, September 17

Dept’s investigation confirms bogus doc never gave jabs, spent most time in registration


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KUCHING (July 9): The Health Department’s internal investigation of a youth who impersonated a doctor at the Stadium Perpaduan vaccination centre (PPV) has confirmed he never administered any Covid-19 vaccines nor was he ever assigned any duties.

On Tuesday (July 6), Shah Hairil Izman Dave, 20, pleaded guilty in a Magistrates’ Court here to impersonating a doctor at the PPV and also at SGH.

In a statement today, the department said it found the individual purporting to be ‘Dr Shah’ went to the PPV several times from June 16.

“He claimed to be a graduate medical officer from SGH (Sarawak General Hospital) and informed that he was only there to help when free but did not report for official duty.

“No assignments were assigned to him; he was mostly seen in the registration room,” said the department.

The Health Department pointed out the impostor was never listed on the official duty schedule that was set for all Ministry of Health staff and volunteers at the PPV.

“In fact, every station chief in the PPV usually will ensure all staff complete their check in and check out each time they are on duty.

“All vaccinators on duty are ensured to have their Annual Practice Certificate before being allowed to administer the vaccines,” said the department.

Investigations also found the name and staff pass used by the imposter were fake.

“He has never worked as a vaccinator at SGH PPV or as a volunteer, with no record of self-declaration screening that must be made each time they clock in to work.

“His claim to be a graduate medical officer in the Neurology Division of SGH is still under investigation,” it said.

The Health Department has issued a directive for immediate improvement to the management of the PPV at Stadium Perpaduan and also at SGH to prevent the incident from repeating.

Among the improvements are the issuance of staff pass at the PPV with serial number registered for each staff and having their names submitted to the police superintendent at the PPV.

Each section chief is also to ensure the collection of an attendance register for the beginning and end of shift, and all medical practitioners on duty should be able to produce their respective Annual Practice Certificates at any time.

There has also been the tightening of all entry points at SGH with compliance check on the use of department staff pass, temporary pass, and authorised contractors pass in all wards and hospital general areas.

There have also been update reminders on compliance in using the staff pass at SGH; strict action against forgery of department staff pass; and issuance of posters regarding the offence of impersonating a public servant.

“All staff were also informed to report immediately to the management of the PPV and hospital if they come across any suspicious individuals at those respective areas,” said the department.

In addition, the Health Department also appealed to all parties who visit Ministry of Health facilities such as PPVs and hospitals to always cooperate with the security guards who are only carrying out their duties in ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP) for the safety in those facilities.