Tuesday, September 28

Supermarket in Bau sparks new Covid-19 cluster in Sarawak


Bernama file photo shows an active case detection exercise.

KUCHING (July 20): An infection among the staff of a supermarket in Bau has sparked a new Covid-19 cluster in Sarawak, said State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in its daily update today.

Dubbed the Jalan Jambusan 2 cluster, the workplace cluster involving a supermarket in Jalan Jambusan 2 in Bau recorded 11 positive cases after 99 individuals were screened.

“Out of the total number of individuals screened, 43 were found negative and 45 individuals are still waiting for results,” SDMC said.

On a positive note, SDMC announced the end of one Covid-19 cluster, namely the Kampung Kolong 2 Cluster in Kuching after zero cases were reported from it in the last 28 days.

Currently there are 91 clusters still active in the state, with eight recording a total of 62 new cases today.

Bedup Longgo recorded an additional 34 cases today, Sentosa 2 cluster (17), Sungai Sengkabang cluster (6), and Tema Saan, Sega, Mukah Wet Market, Duyoh and Jalan Selalang clusters each recorded an additional one case.

A total of 83 clusters did not record any additional cases today.