Thursday, August 5

Frontliners, volunteers at Bintulu PPV organise simple celebration to mark Sarawak Day 2021


Dr Chung (second right) posing for a photo with the volunteers at PPV Dinner World after the Sarawak Day celebration.

BINTULU (July 22): A simple celebration to mark the Sarawak Day 2021 was held at the Covid-19 vaccination centre (PPV) at Dinner World Bintulu today.

The programme was organised by the frontliners and volunteers of the PPV.

Bintulu Health officer Dr Melvin Chung and other frontline guests as well as volunteers graced the ceremony, which commenced with the singing of the Sarawak state anthem ‘Ibu Pertiwiku’.

This was followed by a welcoming ‘ngajat’ dance performance by two female dancers dressed in colourful traditional costumes before ending with the Sarawak flag waving event.

Dr Chung when met after the ceremony said Sarawakians from all walks of life should be proud though celebrating the Sarawak Day on a small scale due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“In Bintulu I was invited to attend a simple ceremony, which is an initiative by the volunteers at PPV Dinner World.

“It was indeed a surprise for all frontliners and vaccine recipients here today where they were entertained and sang the Ibu Pertiwiku and Sarawaku Sayang together in harmony,” he said.

As a Sarawakian, Dr Chung said everyone should be proud of what they have been fighting for, what they have been going through for the past year in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We hope with this simple event, we are still able to deliver messages on the standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance to all people and frontliners,” he said.

Asked on the new Covid-19 Delta variant, Dr Chung said based on a report from the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), so far no case has been detected here.

“We hope we can continue to comply with the SOP in order to protect Bintulu division and maintain our low cases if possible zero cases for Covid-19,” he said.

He thus called on those who have yet to be vaccinated to come forward to get help at the health clinics, district offices or service centres to enable the authorities to reach out to them for vaccination, regardless of citizenship or incomplete documentation.