Tuesday, July 27

PSB wants S’wakians to know significance of July 22, be reminded of state’s special rights under MA63


Liu Thian Leong

KUCHING (July 22): Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) Batu Kitang branch chairman Liu Thian Leong wants Sarawakians to know the significance of July 22, which has been gazetted as Sarawak Day celebration.

Besides that, Liu said the date should serve as a reminder to Sarawakians that the state has been accorded special rights in Malaysia under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

“These are important because the history of July 22 and the formation of Malaysia have never been taught in schools or universities.

“Now that July 22 has been recognised as an important date in Sarawak, Sarawakians should also be reminded of MA63.

“July 22 celebration can serve to impart knowledge on the history of Sarawak, the formation of Malaysia and the 18-point autonomous provisions of MA63. Since the formation of Malaysia, so many of our rights and privileges have been sidelined or eroded totally,” he said in a statement.

Liu believed that Sarawakians could unite to defend their interests if they are fully aware of the state’s history and constitutional rights.

He thus hoped that July 22 would serve as a catalyst for political awakening towards a stronger and more vibrant Sarawak.

Datuk Lau Pang Heng

As for PSB Kota Sentosa branch representative Datuk Lau Pang Heng, Sarawakians must also know things which are related to July 22, such as the Report of the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) on the Proposed Federation of Malaysia and the Cobbold Commission report.

“We need to care about history to get things right. We cannot disconnect from the actual history of Sarawak and every Sarawakians needs to confront and reflect on our history so that in the coming days, history shall become a way of our lives,”

“No one will do it for Sarawak except Sarawakians. Everyone needs to continue to demand and safeguard Sarawak’s rights,” said Lau in a statement.

Lau said Sarawakians’ dream of living in a better Sarawak remain unfulfilled as many are still waiting for paved roads in Sarawak’s interiors which have not been built, internet connectivity for all Sarawakians which remains intermittent, and equal access to education opportunities for all our young ones who are struggling especially so during the Covid-19 pandemic period.