Thursday, August 5

Sarawak’s new Covid-19 cases soars to 644 with no deaths today


Kuching recorded 258 new cases followed by Saratok (131) and Miri (126).

KUCHING (July 22): Sarawak’s new Covid-19 cases soared to 644 today with Kuching recording the highest number of cases at 258 with no deaths, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said.

Many of the cases were detected due to targeted screenings in localities such as Kampung Seratau here which contributed to 145 of the new cases today; Rumah Kambieng, Abu Bengang in Krian Saratok with 126 new cases which has been under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) and declared one of Sarawak’s latest cluster; Tembok Miri Cluster (120 cases); and Tembok Sri Aman Cluster (25 cases).

“Besides Kuching, another 22 districts also reported new cases with Saratok and Miri recording three-digit figures at 131 and 126 cases respectively,” SDMC said in a statement today.

This was followed by Sri Aman with 27 new cases, Sibu (22), Samarahan (15), Serian (12), Bau (12), Betong (7), Pakan (4), Lundu (4), Kapit (4), Sarikei (4), Telang Usan (4), Bintulu (2), Lawas (2), Meradong (2), Beluru (2), Subis (2), and one each in Song, Tebedu, Bukit Mabong and Selangau, the committee added.

Sarawak’s cumulative number of Covid-19 cases now stands at 72,857.

With no fatalities reported today, the state’s death toll remained at 450.

SDMC said the 305 of the new cases today were detected from screenings of individuals with contact to positive cases; 288 from screenings of individuals from existing active clusters; 26 from screenings of symptomatic individuals at health facilities and 21 from other screenings at health facilities.

There were also two Import B cases involving individuals who had returned from Sabah and Selangor as well as an Import A where the individual had returned from the Philippines, the committee added.

Meanwhile, a total of 486 recovered Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospitals and quarantine and low-risk patients treatment centres (PKRC) across the state today.

SDMC said 183 were discharged from the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) and PKRC under SGH; 85 from Sibu Hospital and the PKRC under Sibu Hospital; 51 from PKRC Serian; 46 from Miri Hospital and PKRC under Miri Hospital; 37 from Kapit Hospital and PKRC under Kapit Hospital; 28 from Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC Sri Aman; 20 from Sarikei Hospital and the PKRC under Sarikei Hospital; 16 from PKRC Mukah; 11 from PKRC Betong; eight from Bintulu Hospital and the PKRC under Bintulu Hospital; and one from Limbang Hospital.

“The total number of recoveries in the state have now increased to 67,766 or 93.01 per cent out of the overall cases,” said the committee.

It also said that 4,474 patients were still warded and under medical supervision at hospitals and PKRCs throughout the state, where 2,346 were being treated at SGH and PKRC Kuching; 665 at Miri Hospital and PKRC Miri; 387 at Sibu Hospital and PKRC Sibu; 257 at PKRC Betong; 199 at Sarikei Hospital and PKRC Sarikei; 191 at PKRC Serian; 148 at Bintulu Hospital and PKRC Bintulu; 117 at Kapit Hospital and PKRC Kapit; 82 at PKRC Mukah; 77 at Sri Aman Hospital; four at PKRC Lawas; and one at Limbang Hospital.