Tuesday, May 24

Sibu Resident urges those yet to get their Covid-19 first dose vaccine to call PPV numbers


A photo taken on April 19 showing vaccination activity in progress at Sibu Indoor Stadium PPV.

SIBU (July 24): Members of the public above 18 years of age who have yet to receive their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine are urged to contact the vaccination centres (PPV) telephone numbers to set their ‘walk-in’ appointments, said Sibu Resident Wong Hee Sieng.

He added that for Sibu Division, the public can call the Sibu Resident Office at telephone number 084-317934, PPV Sibu Indoor Stadium (084-353295 or 019-8159608), PPV Dewan Serbaguna Sibujaya (016-7054991), PPV Dewan Serbaguna Selangau (084-891104) and the Kanowit District Office hall (084-752203).

“Members of the public above 18 years old who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to call public PPV (for vaccination ‘walk-in’ appointment),” Wong advised.

He reminded the public to call the numbers and set their appointment first before actually walking-in to the PPVs.