Avoid bringing kids for dine-in, shopping in public areas, parents reminded


Ting (third right) joins (from left) Augustine, Michael Tiang and Tian in a group photo prior to visiting the mobile vaccination drive at Sibu Central Market. — Photo by Peter Boon

SIBU (Aug 8): Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting strongly advises parents here against bringing their children aged between 13 and 17 years for dine-in at eateries or to shop in supermarkets, in view of them not being vaccinated.

He stressed that with the emergence of the more-infectious Delta Variant of the Covid-19, parents should take all the necessary precautions to keep their children safe.

“I just want to tell the parents if you allow your children to go for dine-in, or shop at supermarkets, then you should also allow your children to go to school.

“Going to school is much more important than going to supermarkets.
“If your children had not been vaccinated, why would you want to bring them to the supermarkets or to have dine-ins at eateries?

“Bear in mind, there is the Delta Variant now, which is more infectious.

“Many countries have reported that the outbreak this time around strike those people who have not been vaccinated,” he told reporters when met at mobile vaccination drive at the open space of Sibu Central Market yesterday.

In view of this matter, Ting reiterated SMC’s latest policy of only allowing members of the public who had been vaccinated to enter Sibu Central Market, effective Aug 1 this year.

He added that efforts were being made to encourage business owners to implement the same move.

“I am working with the supermarkets and have written to them (regarding this suggestion). “They’re still considering when they asked about youngsters aged between 13 and 17 years old.

“So, I’m telling these people, if you’re a parent, and your children are not vaccinated, why would you want to take them to the supermarket? I am telling the parents to have their children stay at home,” he pointed out.

Ting also said that a discussion over the council’s suggestion would be held this Monday, via Zoom platform, involving owners of supermarkets and malls in Sibu.

In this respect, he was confident that more businesses here would follow SMC’s move over time.

He also pointed out that whole intention of the council coming up with such measure was to also encourage more people to go for vaccination, if they had not already done so.

“If everyone is vaccinated, then there’s no need for such a move to check whether or not you have been vaccinated before being allowed entry to the business premises.”

With Ting yesterday were political secretary to chief minister Michael Tiang, SMC Market and Petty Traders Standing Committee chairman Councillor Albert Tiang and his deputy Councillor Augustine Merikan, Sibu Hawkers Welfare Association chairman Capt Tan Hong Kiang and Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth chief for Dudong, Benjamin Tian.