I won’t betray my political mentor, says LDP division chief


Sim Fui (right) vows never to betray his political mentor, Datuk Chin Su Phin (left).

KOTA KINABALU: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Central Youth Movement leader Sim Fui on Thursday stressed that he would not betray his political mentor Datuk Chin Su Phin by vying for the president’s post in the coming central party election.

In fact, Sim said Api-Api division which he chairs has resolved to fully support Chin, the incumbent president, and secretary-general Datuk Yong Wui Chung to contest the position of president and deputy president respectively in the divisional annual general meeting (AGM) recently.

“The possibility of me contesting the president’s post does not exist.”

Sim said Apas division’s move to pass a motion demanding Chin to step down as party president in order for him to succeed the top leadership post was clearly an attempt to wreak havoc within LDP.

“I was shocked to learn about the news yesterday because I do not intend to contest the president’s post at all.”

He said the party was currently carrying out its divisional meetings and elections, after which the central delegates’ conference cum election at the central level would be held at a later date.

Sim stressed that Chin has initiated reformation at the divisional and central level to incorporate more young bloods in effort to rejuvenate the party since the last party election.

“Today, many of the divisions are led by new faces or young leaders.

“We believe majority of the divisions will be taken over by the next generation of young leaders when all the divisional elections have completed this year.”

He said Chin had passed the baton to him in the recently concluded Api-Api divisional AGM and election in effort to groom young leaders.

“The young leaders in party are grateful for our president’s mentorship and opportunities given to us.
“Datuk Chin Su Phin has guided and nurtured us into the leaders we are today.

“I would not be leading the Central Youth Movement if it weren’t for him.”

Sim said Apas division’s motion requesting Chin to step down and for him to fill the position with the aim to reinvigorate the party was a tactic to create chaos.

Hence, he urged the Supreme Council, Youth, Women and New Generation Movements to stand in solidarity with Chin, and reject those with malicious intent.

“We must stay calm and united.”

Sim reiterated that he has no intention to vie for the president’s post as he and the younger generation still have a lot to learn from Chin, Yong, vice president Datuk Chin Shu Ying and other veteran leaders.

The LDP Apas Division at a recent virtual Annual General Meeting passed a motion to ask Chin to step down and give way to Sim to lead the party.

Its chairman, Tan Tee Vui, believed that Sim is able to lead and transform LDP.

Tan said the decision was decided after careful consideration by all the committee and members of Apas Division.

All the LDP divisions which have held their AGM, except Apas, have passed a motion to nominate Chin and Yong for the president and deputy president’s posts of the party.