SUPP VP says S’wak MPs should get DPM or other major portfolios, not just ‘window dressing’


Yong speaks to reporters via Zoom.

KUCHING (Aug 20): Sarawak’s MPs should be considered for the deputy prime minister’s post or other important Cabinet portfolios such as Finance or Health, said Datuk Lily Yong.

The Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) vice-president said this is because Sarawak has contributed so much to the country.

“So while they are talking about the prime minister, why can’t Sarawak be considered to be given the DPM post?” she told a press conference via Zoom today.

She appealed to “West Malaysian politicians” not to push unimportant posts to Sarawak.

“If the DPM post cannot be given to Sarawak, we can be Finance or Health. We should be given posts that can help the people, do something for the people, not just for window dressing.

“Sarawak is capable of handling Finance since we have contributed a lot to economic development. Give us an important role and let them see how we can make a change,” she said.

Yong blamed the worsening Covid-19 pandemic in the country on the political struggles over the last two years.

“These leaders, who are supposed to be taking care of the people, don’t spend time cracking their heads for the people. Instead they spend a lot of time on power struggles.

“To me, I don’t care who is going to be the prime minister as long as they don’t forget the people. People’s rice bowls and lives are paramount now,” she added.