Wednesday, July 6

4-month social impact study underway in Bukit Assek


Chieng shows the area covered by the four-month social impact assessment study. – Photo by Peter Boon

SIBU (Aug 21): A four-month long social impact assessment study is now underway covering an area of 497 acres, stretching from Jalan Brooke Drive to Jalan Amoy, which will form the framework for the Bukit Assek Redevelopment Master Plan, says Dato Chieng Buong Toon.

Chieng the chairman of Sibu Urban Renewal Committee said the study is conducted by a consultancy firm from Kuching – Daya Rancan – which was appointed by Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA).

“This report (from the study) must be completed before December and would be submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resources.

“This report is to prepare general guidelines as reference in the preparation of town planning and development plan – the Bukit Assek Redevelopment Master Plan. This is the main purpose,” Chieng told a press conference here yesterday.

He, however, said not all commercial and residential houses covered in the study would be redeveloped as many were still in good condition, and that several schools and churches would remain as they are.

“The area to be covered in the study is divided into eight blocks (3,250 lots). But, not all 497 acres will be redeveloped. There are about 4,000 units of commercial and residential houses in the area.

“Only about 1,300 commercial and residential unit covering 300 acres will be redeveloped. We also suggest to reserve some areas as cultural heritage,” he said.

Among objectives of the research are to identify social effects towards local community if this development project is implemented, and to get views from the affected community.

The study will also compile data on the number of households, members in each household, employment, house owners, land/site ownership, neighbourhood and social cultural involvement, necessities and expectation, Chieng said.