Logjam in Kapit still under control – SRB officer-in-charge


The log jam that occurred in Kapit area last night – Photo via WhatsApp/Koh Kumbong.

SIBU (Aug 22): The logjam, which occurred in Kapit last night is still under control, said Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) Kapit officer-in-charge Carol Bungan.

Noting that the situation this time is not as bad as that of the 2010’s episode, Carol said her department is monitoring the situation closely.

“So far, no information…logjam passed (by) Kapit around 8.30pm-11pm last night…the situation (is) not bad as 2010…still under control,” Carol said when contacted today.

It is believed that the situation stemmed from the incessant rain in Ulu Baleh over the last few days, which has caused the water level in the river to rise and washed down the wood debris.

Meanwhile, Kapit District Officer Cerisologo Sabut and Carol were seen at Kapit Express Boat Terminal to monitor the logjam from 9pm until 11pm last night.

(From sixth left) Carol, Cerisologo and Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Kapit station chief Erwandy Tugor at Kapit Express Boat Terminal to monitor the log jam that passed by Kapit last night.

The Borneo Post is trying to reach SRB here to comment on the concern that the logjam might make its way here.

For the record, in October 2010, a massive log debris was seen floating in Rajang River.

It stretched for several kilometres and was carried even down to Sibu, affecting riverine transportation.

Prior to the opening up of Sibu-Kapit road connectivity, river transport was the chief mode of transportation to the upper reaches of Rajang River.