Thursday, October 21

University of Nottingham Malaysia offers 21st anniversary scholarships


The University of Nottingham Malaysia offers range of laboratories for your research and learning facilities with expertise in every fields

KUALA LUMPUR: The University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) will offer six full undergraduate scholarships to outstanding students who are in need of financial assistance to study at the university for courses that would commence after the September 2021 intake.

This is in conjunction with the 21st anniversary celebration of the establishment of the university campus in the country.

Eligible candidates can select a degree from Engineering, Business, Economics, Education, Computer Science, Psychology, International Relations and many more.

“The university will waive 100 per cent of tuition fee throughout the duration of the degree of the chosen candidates.

“This scholarship offer is an addition to the existing nine scholarships and two education funds (provided by UNM),” he said in an online interview with the media recently, adding that the scholarship offer would also be opened to new students through the next intake in September.

Professor Ir Dr Law Chung Lim, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Adding on, Professor Law mentioned that the Faculty of Science and Engineering alone has made a provision of scholarships worth RM10 million each year. Interim Dean Prof Law Chung Lim said of the total amount, RM7.5 million would be allocated for the undergraduate programme (UG), while the remaining RM2.5 million would be for postgraduate research (PGR).

Further, Professor Law said the university would remain committed to continuing its investment in the improvement of its campus facilities located in Semenyih, Selangor, so as to enhance the learning experience of its students.

“The use of digital technology is seen to be increasing during the Covid-19 pandemic and we always ensure that the learning process of students can continue no matter where they are.

“In this regard, the university throughout 2020 to 2021 has made an investment of RM5 million in campus facilities, covering various advanced technological facilities including virtual desktop infrastructure.

“The investment also involves high-performance computing, lecture room facilities, 3G pitch playgrounds and food processing laboratories.”

Law added that the university had also provided an interactive approach to deliver high quality teaching and learning either on campus or virtually.

The FOSE, he said, had adopted a student-centric approach, with its students equally involved in decision-making covering various aspects related to extra-curricular and learning activities.

According to Professor Law, there are many groups of students who collaborate with external professional bodies through the respective student chapters where they strengthen the agenda of student groups, organise programmes and involve external experts for talks and workshops.

“These, in turn, enable students here to acquire competencies and skills in building communities and networks, professional development, extra-curricular experiences, leadership and friendships,” he said.

The UNM also provides world-class education through international learning experiences such as the UK accreditation process, and education exchange schemes.

Law said among the main advantages of furthering studies at UNM was that the students could obtain qualifications from prestigious universities abroad without requiring excessive education expenses.

“At the same time, to gain experience studying abroad, students can also choose to further their studies at University of Nottingham campuses abroad for one year through our exchange programme or transfer their study to the UK campus at any point of time.

“At FOSE, all our workforces are from the professional groups, and the learning system used in Malaysia is the same as that taught on the main campus in the UK.

“Besides that, we also always work with related industries so that students can appreciate the real-life experience, and also experience for themselves the real working experience in field that they are studying,” he said.
Law added that for the graduates, the UNM would provide career assistance and support to them.

According to him, UNM provides the best teaching platform and modules to ensure that the graduates are the choice of employers.

“Among the main platforms to help these graduates are the Careers Advisory Service (CAS), career fairs, good relations with companies, strategic partnerships, industry-based projects and more.

“Through CAS, the programme offers a range of supports and services to support students throughout their career development journey and guide them in identifying their strengths and interests, exploring suitable jobs and industries, and making decisions for their future career paths,” he said.

For more information, University of Nottingham Malaysia can be reached at Tel +603 8924 8686,