Friday, September 24

Twin brothers among 756 students getting Covid-19 vaccine jabs in Lundu


Mark Daniel (left) and John Danny seen at PPV Dewan Masyarakat Lundu. — Information Department photo

LUNDU (Sept 12): Twin brothers John Danny Birca and Mark Daniel Birca were among the 756 students who received their Covid-19 vaccines in this district yesterday.

The duo are Form 4 students of SMK Senibong near here and living in Kampung Stungkor Baru.

In his remarks, John said he felt safer and more protected after having been vaccinated, and he could barely wait to resume face-to-face schooling.

“I could understand the subjects better at school, physically,” he said.

Echoing the same sentiment, Mark said following the vaccination roll-out for youngsters aged 13 to 17 – beginning with those aged 16 and 17, he felt more confident to attend school upon the reopening this Oct 3.

Father of the twins, Birca Abot, 41, regarded the implementation of the vaccination programme for school students as ‘timely’ and able to allay parents’ fear and concern amidst the current Covid-19 situation.

“This is because students interact with one another in class, and there is a huge number of students in schools,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patricia Lennie Maslan, 16, felt relieved to have received the vaccine, believing that it would be safer for her and her schoolmates to return to SMK Lundu next month.

The girl’s mother, Rohani Umar, 39, supported the vaccination drive for youngsters as this would reinforce their immunity against Covid-19, ahead of the physical face-to-face school session next month.

She also urged other parents to not be fearful of the vaccine as it would serve for their own benefit and as a means of protection.

The vaccination drive at the vaccination centre (PPV) in Dewan Masyarakat Lundu yesterday, which ran from 8am to 5pm, was slated for students of SMK Lundu and SMK Senibong.

Students from SMK Sematan would be receiving their jabs at the same PPV today.

Overall, the centre is expected to accommodate over 1,000 vaccinees.