Thursday, October 21

Miri Division to hold ‘mopping-up’ Covid-19 vaccination programme


File photo shows teenagers receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

MIRI (Sept 17): A ‘mopping-up’ Covid-19 vaccination programme will take place at all vaccination centres (PPV) in Miri Division on Sunday and Monday (Sept 19-20).

The Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (MDDMC) said in a statement today that the programme is for those aged 16 and 17.

MDDMC said teenagers who are still in school must go to the PPV assigned by their school, while those who have left school are allowed to walk-in to any public PPV nearest to them.

The public PPVs for the division are at Curtin University Hall, Eastwood Valley Hall, Bekenu Community Hall, Sepupok Niah Community Hall, Beluru Community Hall, Marudi Civic Centre, Long Lama Open Hall, and Long San Health Clinic.

“Should the school-going teenager be at a location outside their school district, they must inform their school so that they can be allowed to walk in to any public PPV nearest to them to have their Covid-19 vaccine administered.

“In line with that, parents or guardians of the teenagers must accompany them to receive their vaccine by bringing along their identification documents as well as the vaccine recipient’s medical record if relevant,” added MDDMC.