Sunday, January 23

Cosmetics entrepreneur starts drinks and ice creams business


Zaharinah and the Loving Bee products.

KUDAT(Oct 7): While many entrepreneurs are wary about starting a new venture during the challenging pandemic situation, Zaharinah Masair is starting a new one.

The businesswoman from here already has one business going – an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company that makes and sells cosmetics that are made in Sabah that Zaharinah named LZ Industry Sdn Bhd.

Her latest venture is called “Loving Bee” which focuses on selling honey and milk-based drinks and ice creams.

“My intention is to provide job opportunities to many who have lost their job and source of income,” she told Borneo Post on Thursday.

She added that so many people have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

“Just imagine this – I posted only three vacant positions at Loving Bee and received over 1,000 applications, including from university graduates,” she said.

Zaharinah said she understood the difficulties and challenges posed by the lockdown due to the pandemic.

“Even my own business suffered when I couldn’t get the raw materials, I needed in 2020 … perseverance was the key to my business survival,” she said.

And aside from perseverance, she added that she had to shift her marketing model from traditional to digital.

“I maintained the business by using online platforms and by carry out online marketing nonstop,” she said.

As for her new venture, Zaharinah said that the business idea started during the lockdown last year.

“My child loved the ice cream I made during the lockdown last year. So, the idea was already born then, but not implemented yet. It was after receiving the vaccine that I actually sat down and started writing down the Loving Bee business model simply because I could not sleep for two nights,” she said.

She added that for now, Loving Bee operates only in Kudat.

“But I hope to expand it to other parts of Sabah, God willing.”