Saturday, August 20

Frontliners cross sea to bury Covid-19 victim


Civil Defence Force and health officials sending the body of the woman to Pulau Torong Kibing for burial.

KOTA KINABALU(Oct 7): Frontliners take on difficult challenges to bury Covid-19 victims.

On Thursday, they sent a patient across the sea to a remote island off Tuaran for burial.

Health workers with the help of the district Civil Defence Force  used a speedboat to ferry the body of Remah Ali, 87, to the Kampung Betutai Muslim cemetery on Pulau Torong Kibing, 3km from the mainland.

They carried the coffin from the mouth of Sungai Betutai to the Penimbawan sea area.

Tuaran Civil Defence Force officer Paulina Francis said it took them 15 minutes to reach the island, after wading through a mangrove jungle, where the Muslim cemetery is located.

She said the woman had passed away at her home in the village on Oct 4 but was only confirmed Covid-19 positive at the hospital later.

Tuaran Civil Defence officer Paulina Francis said they were not deterred by such challenges.

“We are well trained for various disasters, emergency response and crisis management,” she said.

Paulina added that they also  went up hills and hiked jungle trails to bring the dead to their final resting place.

Staff from the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department also helped  in the burial on Pulau Torong Kibing which was completed before noon.