Wednesday, March 29

At a glance: 2022 Sarawak Budget


Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg seated on the left at the special budget meeting in Kuching. Seated next to him is Dewan Undangan Negeri Speaker Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar.

KUCHING (Oct 12): Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg today presented the approved 2022 Sarawak Budget to members of the Dewan Undangan Negeri at a special meeting here.

The following are the highlights from his speech:

•Theme: United in building a resilient, inclusive and progressive society

•Total Ordinary Expenditure: RM10.646 billion
Consisting of:
– RM4.046 billion Operating Expenditure
– RM7.509 billion Development Expenditure Estimates

•Projected revenue: RM10.036 billion
Consisting of:
– Tax revenue RM4.907 billion, including RM3.876 from State Sales Tax
– Non-tax revenue RM4.844 billion
– Non-revenue receipt RM26 million
– Federal grants and reimbursements RM249 million

•Under Development Expenditure estimates:
-RM3.796 billion for commerce and industry such as state investment, industrialisation programmes and tourism promotion
– RM1.18 billion for transport, including roads, bridges, riverine infrastructure and ports, navigational safety and infrastructure projects under Projek Rakyat
– RM134 million for agriculture development such as crop and industry development, agriculture infrastructure, veterinary services and agriculture research
– RM91 million for provision of energy and public utilities especially in rural areas
– RM50 million for environment such as forest conservation, reforestation and restoration, urban drainage and flood mitigation projects
– RM53 million for feasibility studies on state development planning and policy formulation
– RM67 million for research and development
– RM1.155 billion for village and community development mainly for rural transformation projects, minor rural projects, kampung extension schemes, urban renewal projects and rural growth centres
– RM220 million for housing development mainly for construction of affordable houses
– RM344 million for local authorities and social welfare services
– RM162 million for education and human capital development through upskilling and reskilling programmes
– RM24 million for culture, youth and sports including upgrading sports facilities
– RM233 million for general administration sector such as construction of government offices and quarters as well as ICT and digital projects

Strategic thrust 1: Protecting Lives and Livelihoods
– RM372 million in incentives and welfare assistance
– RM20.2 million for Free Water Programme
– RM10 million for Connection Charges Government Financial Assistance
– RM10 million for RM1 Flat Rate Bus Fare Programme
– RM19 million for Fire Relief Assistance

•Expanding Coverage of Utilities
– RM91 million to expand coverage of treated water and electricity supply

•Affordable Housing
– RM189 million for construction of affordable housing, extension of village resettlement scheme, and urban renewal projects
– RM80 million for Program Pembaikan Rumah Miskin Sarawak
– RM50 million to rebuild and repair dilapidated longhouses
– RM48 million for Sarawak Rental Assistance Scheme
– RM50 million for loan assistance to low-income and middle-income groups through Mutiara Mortgage and Credit Sdn Bhd.

•Housing Deposit Assistance Scheme
– RM10 million to benefit 1,200 home buyers, providing cash assistance of up to RM10,000 to B40 and M40 home buyers for payment of housing deposit and managed by Mutiara

•Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang 8.0 (BKSS 8.0)
– RM285.47 million for first six months of 2022.
Consisting of:
– RM166.8 million Electricity Bill Discount for 647,000 beneficiaries
– RM24 million Water Bill Discount for 646,131 beneficiaries
– 50 per cent HDC Rental Discount of RM2.6 million for 3,200 tenants
– RM2 million in waiver of rental for SMEs in retail sector on state GLC premises
– 50 per cent discount for rental of market and stalls belonging to local authorities amounting to RM1.7 million benefitting 10,165 tenants
– One-off incentive of RM500 to 1,725 owners and operators of penambang registered with SRB, licensed van operators, taxi drivers, school bus and van operators in Sarawak amounting to RM0.87 million
– RM87.5 million for one-off special grant of RM1,000 to 87,500 hawkers and petty traders through Sarawak Pay

Strategic thrust 2: Steering economic recovery
•Development and rural focused
– RM4.803 billion for rural-based infrastructure projects and people-centric programmes to help create more jobs and business opportunities

•Intensify infrastructure development
– RM1.18 billion for roads, bridges, ports and riverine infrastructure

•Intensify industrialisation programme
– RM124 million for programmes such as Sibu Industrial Estate, Demak Laut Industrial Park and Sematan Industrial Estates
– investSarawak to be incorporated in 2022 as vehicle to secure more quality investments for Sarawak

•Boost tourism sector
– RM131 million for tourism development, promotion and cultural heritage
– RM10 million for new Heritage, Arts and Culture Facilitation Fund

Strategic thrust 3: Facilitating and sustaining business recovery
– RM25.1 million allocated to facilitate recovery of businesses, SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs through Special Relief Facility, Target Relief and Recovery Facility and PENJANA Tourism FInancing
– RM24.5 million for entrepreneurship programmes, Sarawak Micro Credit Scheme, Skim Pinjaman Industri Kecil dan Sederhana, Go Digital Programme and Digital Marketing Training.

•Special assistance for business empowerment and recovery
– RM10 million for new Bumiputera Business Empowerment Fund
– One-off RM20 million grant for new Business Recovery Assistance Fund to assist Sarawak Business Federation and its 15 affiliates

Strategic thrust 4: Transforming agriculture and rural economies
•Agriculture transformation programmes
– RM134 million for projects to ensure sufficient food supply, raise and sustain farmers’ income, strengthen agriculture ecosystem, and promote smart agriculture.

•Rural growth centres
– RM19.7 million for RGC projects in Betong, Mukah, Miri and Kuching as well as rural ICT Development Programmes.

•Assistance to farmers and fishermen
– RM60 million special financial assistance for oil palm and pepper smallholders
– RM15 million for Bantuan Musim Tengkujuh Nelayan

Strategic thrust 5: Developing human capital
– RM20 million for human capital development

•Early childhood education
– RM37 million for Early Childhood and Care Institutions, One-stop Early Intervention Centre Sarawak, and 94 kindergartens and childcare centres under Sedidik Sdn Bhd

•Training and skills
– RM22.4 million for Graduates Enhancement Training Programme benefitting 1,000 graduates
– RM5.8 million for teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, advance automotive training centre, cultivating ICT know-how among teachers and students
– RM14 million for CENTEX Digital Academy

Strategic thrust 6: Accelerating digital adoption and data utilisation
– RM25 million for Sarawakpay to provide one stop mobile app payment chanel for public
– RM50 million for ICT development at various government agencies
– Development of Sarawak Rural Broadband Network (MySRBN)

Strategic thrust 7: Balancing Economic growth with environmental sustainability
– RM31 million for forestry projects such as Forest Landscape Restoration Programme, establishment of Forest One-stop Compliance Centre and Permanent Forest Estate, and development and upgrading of facilities at Totally Protected Areas (TPAs)
– RM1.13 million for promotional activities and strategies to secure Niah National Park as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Strategic thrust 8: Enhancing government capacity and service delivery
– RM12 million for capacity building of state civil service as enabler for change and transformation