Wednesday, January 19

Kapit folk owe district council RM2.2 mln in unpaid rates


Lating Minggang – Photo by James Ling

KAPIT (Oct 11): The Kapit District Council (KDC) is owed RM2.2 million in unpaid rates as of this month, said chairman Lating Minggang.

He warned that the council is losing its patience with errant ratepayers.

“KDC warns stern action will be taken against errant ratepayers, as the council loses patience with them. The council targets to reduce the arrears of its cumulative assessment rates of RM2.2 million,” he said, pointing out besides residential ratepayers, the owners of shop lots, factories, and workshops have also failed to settle their rates.

Lating said the monthly meeting of the KDC assessment rates standing committee yesterday had specifically addressed the large number of defaulters.

He explained those in arrears of more than RM2,000 would be the main area of focus of legal action, should the owners continue to ignore KDC’s continuous reminders.

“Actions to be taken by council shall include, but not be limited to, the lodging of a caveat on the errant assessment defaulters, issuing Legal Notice of Demand, and to consider to institute foreclosure proceedings. If all these measures still fail to get the errant defaulters to pay their assessment rates, then the council might opt for the possibility of listing their names and company names in the mass media.

“The council has given so much leeway and has given the defaulters ample time and opportunity to pay their arrears, that includes the offer made by the Ministry (of Local Government and Housing) last year to give discounts during this pandemic period,” he stressed.

He pointed out that KDC is also being flexible with options such as staggered payment upon request for those owing large sums.

He warned KDC would act on defaulters who continued to fail to fulfil their responsibilities and duties as citizens.

Lating added they should know that assessment rates go to the betterment of public facilities and fund various municipal services such as repair and maintenance work.

The deadline to pay assessment rates for this year is Oct 31.