Saturday, December 4

Abd Karim urges youths to be actively involved in volunteer activities


Abdul Karim (second left), flanked by Snowdan and Nancy, with the guests and representatives of youth associations at the Balai Ringin community hall yesterday.

BALAI RINGIN (Oct 15): The Ministry of Youth and Sports is committed to implementing volunteer programmes throughout Sarawak to further create awareness among youths of their role in carrying out social reforms.

In stating this, Minister of Youth and Sports Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said through several programmes organised previously, it was clear that the youths of Sarawak always have a high spirit of helping the society face difficult situations.

“Therefore, we urge more youths throughout Sarawak to be actively involved in volunteer activities.

“Youth have an important and empowering role in achieving the agenda of an integrated and balanced society in line with the vision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sarawak which is ‘World Class Youth and Sports For All By 2030’,” he said at the launching of the Youth Outreach @ BalaiRingin at the Balai Ringin community hall yesterday.

According to Abdul Karim, the Youth Outreach Programme @ BalaiRingin organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports was held to inject enthusiasm, to support and help the youths, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme which is in its fourth series this year is in line with the Volunteer Development Domain in forming world class Sarawak youths.

He said the main objectives of this programme are to produce Sarawak’s youth champions by sowing the spirit of volunteerism and caring attitude among the youths of Sarawak so as to be kind and helpful to people, especially the youths, and approach the real problems among the youths who need help during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“During such a pandemic, the youths face many challenges and problems such as unemployment, mental health, crime problems and others.

“Based on the Malaysian Labour Force Survey Report, the youth unemployment rate among 15 to 24-year-olds increased in February 2021 to 13.9 per cent when compared to January 2021, while the youth unemployment rate among those 15 to 30 years old remained at 9.2 per cent,” said Abdul Karim.

He said Sarawak recorded a labour force participation rate exceeding the national rate by 69.4 per cent in the second quarter of this year.

“In this era of Digital Economy, more and more opportunities and platforms for electronic commerce have opened up to the Sarawak, Malaysian and global communities and I urge the youths to take this opportunity for economic development,” added Abdul Karim, who is also Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

At the launching ceremony, the Asajaya assemblyman handed over Covid-19 kits in the form of face masks, sanitizers and thermometers to 30 youth associations.

Also present were Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Snowdan Lawan who is Balai Ringin assemblyman, acting permanent secretary to Ministry of Youth and Sports Nancy Jolhi and Youth and Sports Department Sarawak director Lamat Nyalau.