Monday, December 6

Young lass gains confidence to sing in public



PAPAR (Oct 28): Erdieanna Au Binti Disa is an 18-year-old recording artiste, so it was a surprise to find out that she feels insecure singing in public.

“When I recorded my single ‘Itew Itew Juga’ in 2020, it was during the pandemic, so I have never sung in the public,” said Erdieanna Au, who goes by the name Osong.

However, after a week of training at the Excellence Skill Academy for the Beauty Therapy certification course under the Azam programme, she has become more confident.

“We were trained to speak in front of an audience during the training, and that helped me be more confident,” she said during the graduation ceremony near here that saw seven trainees being awarded with the Beauty Therapy certificate co-organised by the Agriculture and Fisheries Industry Ministry and the academy.

All of the participants are under e-Kasih. The training was held from Oct 18 Oct to 24.
Erdieanna added that the course had opened her eyes on the beauty industry and the use of social media and how it can help her to generate an income.

“I can see that the programme is also capable of helping others too,” she said.


One of the seven trainees to complete the certification course in Beauty Therapy was 19-year-old Rina Elysia Ronny Pedro who is eager to start her own business in the same field in the future.

Rina is the eldest of six siblings and works as a babysitter in Papar.

“The course has given me the inspiration to start my own venture. I am also now a step closer to reaching my dream,” she said.

She added that she learned the  beauty therapy techniques, including carrying out facial massages, as well as promotional and marketing methods to gain more customers.

“I think I will start from my own house first and expand from there. I will start from members of my own family and friends.”

Rina also said that she plans to learn about makeup in the future as it is also her dream to become a makeup artist.


Single mom Noraini Othman, 40, hopes to open her own hair and beauty salon by next year.

She added that she felt that the course she attended at the Excellence Skill Academy has helped her become a better communicator and leader.

“I have attended various skills courses. But the one organized by the academy is special as the subject of communication is also part of the training,” she said.

“Prior to attending the course, my communication skill was poor, but now I am more confident.”

She also said that other interesting topics covered in the seven-day training were online marketing and the benefits of social media.