Upcoming OPPO A95 equipped with more features



KUALA LUMPUR: The upcoming OPPO A95 is also a power-packed device that makes it the smart companion for getting the most out of each day.

The OPPO A95 features a 5000mAh battery, giving users the freedom and convenience to share content, stream and play all day. Paired with 33W Flash Charge, users are able to charge the phone up to 30 per cent in just 15 minutes, or get a full charge in 72 minutes.

Apart from that, the A95 comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, allowing users to enjoy a smoother experience when gaming, web browsing and even day-long drama binge sessions.

With OPPO’s self-developed RAM Expansion technology, the A95 lets users unlock the full potential of the A95 by using an algorithmic optimisation to unify RAM and ROM. The OPPO A95 also combines high-efficiency performance to meet a diverse range of everyday needs.

The A95 now features OPPO Glow – a proprietary design and manufacturing technique that is used to create the signature back cover of OPPO smartphones, giving them a dual matte and glossy appearance.

The OPPO Glow was incorporated in the design process of the OPPO A95, making the smartphone shimmer brightly while staying fingerprint and scratch-resistant.

OPPO Glow’s exclusive design process is innovated from the Reno Glow process. Firstly, a crystal glass piece with the finest clarity and tactile quality is handpicked by the engineering team to create the mold.

The glass is then subjected to several rounds of treatment and reinforcements before being engraved in a 99.9 per cent vacuum environment. During this process, millions of nanoscale glowing star-like diamonds will be born, likening the look of a galaxy.

The OPPO A95 will be available in Malaysia soon.