Temporary access built at KM12 Lapok-Ulu Baram road following road collapse


The KM12 Lapok-Ulu Baram (KM10) road collapsed last night, forcing many vehicles to turn back. – Photo via WhatsApp

MIRI (Nov 10): A temporary access road has been built at KM12 Lapok-Ulu Baram (KM10) road by Samling Group around noon today after the road section collapsed last night.

The group’s spokesperson when contacted said the road section collapsed due to heavy rain.

“Our maintenance team and manager are already on the ground to do the repair work.

“We are building a temporary access road for vehicles to get through while repairing and doing the major works,” it said.

The road is the lifeline to about 30 villages and settlements in Ulu Baram.

Many vehicles were forced to turn back this morning as the road was inaccessible.