Wednesday, September 28

Two more Papar Immigration Detention Centre detainees recaptured, five still at large


The five remaining escapees who are still at large.

PAPAR (Nov 11): Police have recaptured two of the seven detainees who escaped from the Papar Immigration Detention Centre on Wednesday morning.

Rolly Nuhbi and Paiman Sharif were arrested several hours after they escaped with 14 other detainees around 3.30am.

A massive manhunt is still on for the remaining five escapees, who have been identified as Nadzwin Usman, 24; Herman Bilau, 35; Husin Japar, 43; Pertama Lapanji, 40; and Tuliang Maddalani, 35.

Papar police chief DSP Batholomew Ak Umpit said authorities had earlier spotted Pertama and Tuliang, but they jumped into the sea.

Batholomew said the Immigration Department, Marine Police, Police Air Unit, and K9 Dog Unit were also helping in tracking down the escapees.

He urged anyone with information on their whereabouts to immediately contact the Papar police headquarters at 088-912 222 or the police hotline at 088-916 064.

The 14 male detainees made a daring escape from their cell block after prying open the roof of the male toilet before making their way to the compound. They then cut the fence surrounding the centre and fled into the dark.

Nine of them were caught the same day.