Saturday, January 29

Vaccines do not give 100 pct protection, warns Masidi


KOTA KINABALU (Nov 23): Sabah recorded 526 new cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday, with fully vaccinated individuals making up the largest group. 

Looking at the figure, Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun warned members of the public that vaccines do not give 100 per cent protection.

“Our attitude is complementary to the defense against infection. Not vaccine,” he said.

Masidi added that sporadic cases obtained from symptomatic screening remained high at almost 41 per cent compared to 52 per cent for close contact cases.

“This statistic is worrying because it is a reflection of the negligence and negligent attitude towards SOP compliance by some people.

“Those who have been fully vaccinated are also the largest group of new cases of infection every day. Again be warned, vaccines do not give us 100 per cent protection,” he said.

Of the 526 new cases, 515 cases or 98 per cent are in Categories 1 and 2. Three patients are in Category 3, four patients are in Category 4 and one patient is in Category 5. Three more cases are still under Health Department’s evaluation.

According to Masidi who is also the state spokesperson for Covid-19 affairs, as of Nov 22, the infectious rate or R0 / RT for Malaysia is 1.0 but for Sabah, this rate has risen past 1.0 to 1.01.

On Monday, the Director General of Health warned all citizens to always be vigilant to avoid another serious pandemic like the one that happened before.

“Our attitude is a key determinant to our success against Covid-19 virus infection,” added Masidi.