Tuesday, February 7

Snowdan says viralled PRS candidates’ list is fake, calls it ‘surat layang’


The photo of the supposedly PRS candidates who will contest in the next state election which has been circulated around via Whatsapp today.

KUCHING (Nov 24): Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth chief Datuk Snowdan Lawan has denied the validity of a list supposedly of the party’s candidates for the coming state election, calling it a “surat layang” (poison pen letter).

Contacted by The Borneo Post today after a photo of the list began making its rounds on WhatsApp, the Balai Ringin incumbent said he is in possession of the ‘real list’ and confirmed it was not the same as the one shown in the photo.

“I have the real list with me and it is not the same with the one I see on the photo. Of course it has the names of the party members and the supposed areas where they will contest in as candidates, but I can confirm that list is not real.

Datuk Snowdan Lawan

“The photo is a surat layang,” he said.

To emphasise his point over the validity of the circulated list, Snowdan said the one seen in the photo did not bear any signature which would prove its authenticity.

The list shown in the photo names four new faces to contest for PRS in the coming polls, along with seven incumbents defending their seats.

The new faces in the fake list are the widow of the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing, Puan Sri Datin Amar Corinne Bua Nyipa (written as ‘Puan Sri Connie Bua Nyipa’ in the list) to stand in Baleh; Rita Sarimah Patrick Insol (Kakus); Dato Sri Doris Sophia Brodie (Bukit Begunan); and Anyi Jana (Ngemah).

Apart from Snowdan in Balai Ringin, the retained incumbents in the fake list are Datuk Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (Batang Ai); Christopher Gira Sambang (Tamin); Wilson Nyabong Ijang (Pelagus); Datuk Liwan Lagang (Belaga); Chukpai Ugon (Murum); and Majang Renggi (Samalaju).