Saturday, August 13

Foreigner jailed for using MyKad to get jab


KOTA KINABALU (Nov 25): A foreign waiter was jailed a total of nine months by the Magistrate’s Court here for three charges of using another person’s Malaysian identity card (MyKad) to get a Covid-19 vaccine jab and cheating two persons in order to get the jab and to do a swab test.

Magistrate Lovely Natasha Charles imposed the sentence on Albin Janani, 28, after he pleaded guilty to all his charges on Thursday.

On the first count, the accused admitted to use the MyKad at the KDCA vaccination centre (PPV) in Penampang on August 12.

The offence was under Rule 25 (1) (e) of the National Registration Regulations 1990 which carries a jail term of up three years or a fine, or both, upon conviction.

On the second count, the accused had cheated a man at the PPV that he (the accused) was the real owner of the MyKad under the name of one Mohamad Asri M Khairi bearing the numbers 870615-01-5153, who had later given the accused the Covid-19 vaccine shot on the same day and time.

The charge was under Section 419 of the Penal Code which provides for a jail term of up to seven years or a fine or both, upon conviction.

On the third count, Albin had admitted to deceive a woman at a polyclinic in Penampang that he was the actual owner of the said MyKad and caused the woman to do the swab test on him on the same day at 10am.

The magistrate imposed three months’ jail for each of the charges and ordered the accused to serve his jail terms consecutively.

Upon completing his jail sentences, the accused was ordered to be referred to the Immigration Department for further action.

In pleading for a lenient sentence, the unrepresented accused said that he committed the offences to make it easier for him to work.