Saturday, August 13

Four days after quitting DAP, Jimmy Wong forms new Sabah NGO to ‘test waters’


Jimmy (second right) and Edwin (second left) and other members of the new NGO.

KOTA KINABALU (Nov 24): Former Sabah DAP chairman Datuk Jimmy Wong has formed a new non-governmental organisation (NGO) called Sabah Natural Justices For Sabahans, just four days after his resignation from the party.

He said that the NGO would first ‘test the waters’ before deciding whether it could function as a political party.

“I want to show the people that Jimmy still has the ability and energy to pursue a higher goal at the age of 70. (However), I have to test it first.

“If the people think we are good, we will be a political party,” he said in a press conference, held at one of the Sabah DAP lawmaker’s office here today.

Wong said that the NGO would fight for issues such as social matters, economy, education, poverty, job creation as well as native rights.

He revealed that former Sabah DAP secretary and former Kepayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi will be the secretary-general of the NGO.

He said that the NGO is open to accepting anyone, be it from the government or opposition, as long as the individual joining is fighting for the same goal and wants to resolve the pertinent issues faced by Sabah folk.

“You must have the guts. You must be prepared to sacrifice. You must be prepared to go to jail. Without these qualities, you cannot be a leader.

“Those who believe me will follow me in this impossible dream. Those who think this is impossible, you can stay in the old ship,” he added.

He resigned from the party on Monday due to the outcome of Sabah DAP election on Sunday, which saw the likes of Kepayan assemblyman and former state DAP Wanita chief Jannie Lasimbang, former senator Adrian Lasimbang, Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin and Elopura assemblyman Calvin Chong being dropped from the committee list.

Elected representatives who made the state committee were Luyang assemblyman Ginger Phoong who is state secretary, taking over from Chan; Tenom MP Noorita Sual who is vice-chairman; and Sandakan MP Vivian Wong who is state publicity secretary. Likas assemblyman Tan Lee Fatt was named as her assistant.

Wong, when announcing his resignation from the party earlier this week had expressed his disappointment to see that many ‘loyal veterans and brains’ of Sabah DAP were let down by the leadership in the election.

During the press conference today, he claimed that he was not invited to the election which was held in Sandakan.

Wong took shots at newly-installed Sabah DAP chief Datuk Frankie Poon, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as well as the Datuk Stephen Wong over their treatment towards him over the years.

Being one of the pioneers of Sabah DAP, Jimmy earned the nickname ‘Tiger’ when he became the lone opposition assemblyman in the Sabah State Assembly in 2008.

Wong was also formerly the MP for Kota Kinabalu from 2013 to 2018.