Friday, January 21

Harden: Headmen must help to explain govt policies to charges


Harden (third left) presents MRP grant to Tuai Rumah Empol Melintang of Sg Tenggak C while others look on.

SRI AMAN (Nov 25): Longhouse headmen in Simanggang constituency must help the government to explain its policies that prioritise the people, says Assistant Minister of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Francis Harden Hollis.

He said this as most door-to-door election campaigning in large numbers is not allowed under the new norm.

“Tuai Rumah (headmen) must therefore be prepared to help the government to explain government policies that prioritise the people.

“The responsibility of Tuai Rumah or community leaders and village security and development committee (JKKK) is to look for development potential in their respective areas and know who are channelling the allocation,” Hardin said at the AgriCOP programme at Rh Empol, Sungai Tenggak C in Undop, Sri Aman, a programme organised by Agriculture Department here.

Harden also said the government would continue to open economic opportunities to rural folk in an effort to promote ‘Agriculture is Business’.

About 150 participants from 12 longhouses participated in the programme which taught them useful tips on crop planting and livestock rearing.

The programme also included briefing on the cultivation and care of Musang King durian; usage of IOT in vegetable planting; briefing by Sri Aman Division Veterinary Office; and government initiatives information through the Welfare Department.

At the function, Harden gave 815 Musang King saplings to 163 families from 12 longhouses in Sungai Tenggak and Menalang in Undop to be planted in their orchards.

Sri Aman deputy Resident Elvis Didit, a representative from the district office Sandin Ajah, acting Welfare officer Shamat Kassim, a representative from Agriculture Department Jabu Saging, Sri Aman deputy walikota Cr Andar Suntai, and Penghulu Mingging Sigan were among those present at the function.