Saturday, January 29

Pride and determination: A restaurant’s recipe for success


“We take pride in our family recipes that we’ve been serving our customers for generations.”
– Encik Habib, Owner of Restoran Habib

Restoran Habib is a popular restaurant chain in Johor Bahru that has served locals since 1974. This family business started in Taman Iskandar, Pasar Pelangi; and is now managed by its third generation. Today, Restoran Habib has 10 outlets all across the state.

Just like many businesses, Restoran Habib was affected by the pandemic as restaurant visits went down due to dining restrictions. But restaurant owner Encik Habib was determined to continue serving their customers their favourite dishes, and that started Restoran Habib’s digitalisation journey. With a persevering spirit, Encik Habib and his family explored ways to offer a seamless delivery and takeaway experience, and finally found one that’s right for the business.


Meeting customers’ needs through digitalisation

When they first started exploring online platforms for deliveries and takeaways, they could not find one that enabled them to put up their entire menu. As their customers tend to order their usual favourites, not showing every single dish on the menu has resulted in decreased revenue.

To keep his restaurant ahead, Encik Habib sought help from the Maxis SME Help Squad and they recommended him to get Cloud POS Lite, an all-in-one online ordering system, with the SME Digitalisation Grant.

The grant gave him a subsidy of up to RM5,000*, enabling him to save on costs. The Maxis SME Help Squad also helped him apply for the grant. All he had to do was prepare the necessary documents.

Now, Encik Habib’s customers are able to browse the entire Restoran Habib menu, and order their favourites, and more, online to bring the Mamak experience home easily. As for Restoran Habib, they saw a 22% increase in sales, and more satisfied customers.


Just like Encik Habib, you can be an UsahaWIRA, too.

To stay ahead in business, we must be able to seize opportunities. Encik Habib was able to claim funding of up to RM5,000* with the SME Digitalisation Grant. Best of all, he found the right partner in Maxis Business. A partner that will be with the business every step of the way in their digitalisation journey.

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