PBK mulls taking legal action against those using cops, MACC to harass party members during polls


Voon, flanked by Peter and Awang Badele (third left), joins others in a photo-call taken during the press conference.

KUCHING (Dec 31): Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) contemplates taking legal action against those said to be using police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to harass and cause inconvenience to the party’s leaders and candidates before and during the just-concluded 12th state election.

PBK president Voon Lee Shan said there had been several police reports lodged and also harassments conducted against party leaders for raising the subject of the rights to independence.

“I was detained and harassed by MACC for several hours during the election campaign on Dec 12.

“Some have even hurled at us, especially me, derogatory remarks on social media.

“The founders of the party were also not spared – they’re branded as anti-nationalists.

“Our secretary-general Priscilla Lau will be facing the police in the next few days over a report that we deem malicious, lodged against her over a video said to have been circulated during the elections concerning independence,” he told reporters in a press conference here yesterday.

According to Voon, some quarters have even raised ‘alarm about bloodshed’ if PBK continued to seek or pursue independence for Sarawak.

He said this caused the voters to fear coming out on polling day to exercise their rights.

He said for now, PBK had not lodged any police report against those who were making these police reports out of malice and were out to harass the party leaders and election candidates at the time.

“We’d forgive those causing harm to us, but there’s a limit to our tolerance.

“I wish to tell them that they must not take our tolerance and silence as signs of weakness, as we may take legal action against those out to cause fear amongst our supporters.

“We may wish to take legal action against those using the police and the MACC to cause inconvenience to us,” said Voon.

Accompanying him at the press conference yesterday were PBK vice-presidents Peter Asut and Awang Badele Awang Ali, as well as the party’s candidates for the recent polls: Wong Tun Teck (Batu Kitang), Raymond Thong (Padungan), Baharuddin Abdullah (Simunjan) and Lim Lian Hun (Bukit Kota).