Ang cautiously optimistic Covid pandemic would ease in 2022


Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon file photo

KUCHING (Jan 1): Social activist Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soo believes the year 2022 will see continuing disruption of our lives by Covid-19 Delta and now the more contagious Omicron, with some 5 million deaths recorded worldwide already.

Despite that bleak outlook, he is cautiously optimistic this pandemic can be brought under some form of control if everyone follows the advice of scientists & medical experts, not otherwise.

Ang believed people have the intelligence to tell the difference between a sensible, logical and reasonable advice as compared with one that might be detrimentally fatal to our safety and well being.

“The jubilation over the virus vaccines and the success of some politicians to the sufferings and grief of the people worldwide, the year that was, has been, indeed, one more of anger and sorrows rather than of joys and happiness,” he said in his New Year message yesterday.

“I honestly believe there is no one in the entire universe who doesn’t want a return to pre-pandemic lifestyle.

“I venture to suggest that the pandemic teaches us an important lesson. We are part of nature. From this pandemic we have learned that we, as vulnerable species, are no different from any other species, many of which man has driven almost to extinction.

“Climate change brought about by exploitation of the world’s oceans, land, water and air is, in fact, sowing the seeds of our own self extinction. This should not be, and should never be. A New Year pledge must be to live in harmony and not to destroy it.”

Ang expressed profoundly sadness over the massive floods in the Peninsular States ,caused by climate change and human factors.

“Not only lives of human beings but also that of animals like dogs and cats, property and all personal belongings were destroyed. Many people were taken ill, and traumatised, adding to the untold sufferings caused by the various Covid variants.”

He noted that Sarawak and Sabah will be having their annual Monsoon wet spell, and in view of extreme weather conditions prevailing everywhere, these two states should be on alert for floods and strong winds.

“This unavoidable wet weather to add misery to the spike of coronavirus has overwhelmed the entire health care system. Ostensibly, all over the world authorities with less than desired planning in place should consider having a master plan to deal with recurring annual flooding problems.”

He proposed setting up an independent commission with only professional engineers and experts, in the government and universities, should do a study immediately and present recommendations for implementation.

“My thoughts and prayers are also with all those Medical personnel, from doctors , nurses to cleaners,essential services such as Police, Immigration, Fire & Rescue, Volunteers, Armed Forces, Mass Media , staff of eateries, pharmacies, grocers and dustmen for risking their lives to keep us safe.

“Do not overwhelm them. We must be considerate and think of their lives and loved ones as well.”

Ang also hoped the Federal and Sarawak Health ministers, and Education ministers would respond to his my campaign to have CPR (cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation)taught to the public with First Aid now to be officially implemented through the relevant Acts of Parliament.

“I look forward to 2022 with cautious optimism. Let’s look forward to a better and brighter tomorrow. God Bless Our Country. God Bless Our People. Happy New Year.”