Friday, July 1

Two landslides in Ranau


Jalan Kompleks Sukan roads in Ranau were completely impassable due to a landslide.

RANAU (Jan 2): Two landslides were reported in Ranau following continuous rains in the area on Sunday.

The first landslide occurred along Jalan Kampung Bongkud around 9.50am.

A spokesperson from the State Fire and Rescue Services Department said a distress call was received of the incident and teams from the Ranau fire and rescue station were deployed to the location to monitor the situation.

Fire and rescue personnel were tasked to cut fallen trees that had blocked the roads to allow vehicles to pass, said the spokesperson, adding that the Works Department had been notified of the incident.

A second landslide occurred around 11.45am along Jalan Kompleks Sukan which caused the whole road to be impassable by vehicles.

The spokesperson from the Fire and Rescue Department said the road was closed temporarily and the incident was reported to the Works Department for further action.

The operation ended at 12.10pm without any untoward incident, said the spokesperson.