Friday, January 21

Workshop owner sends SOS for mechanics to fix flood-damaged motorcycles


Rajendran works on a motorcycle in his workshop in Dengkil, Selangor on Jan 4, 2022. — Bernama photo

DENGKIL (Jan 6): Raja Motor’s workshop is filled to the brim with flood-ravaged motorcycles for repair — after his 40 seconds to fame — and he is looking for more hands on deck.

“I need additional workers (mechanics) to speed up the process of repairing motorcycles that were flooded. Many flood victims around Dengkil sent their damaged motorcycles to my workshop, especially after my video about this free service spread on social media.”

That was the ‘SOS call’ from the owner of N Rajendran Motor workshop, N Rajendran, 54, or better known as ‘Abang Raja’ regarding the shortage of manpower following an overwhelming response from flood victims who were his regular customers.

“The number of motorcycles damaged by floods is quite large. So I hope anyone with experience and knowledge in motorcycle repair will come work with me.

“If you live outside Dengkil, I will bear the cost of accommodation, food and drinks,” he announced unabashedly when met by Bernama here yesterday.

The name Rajendran or Raja Motor has gone viral and recorded the highest search on Google and social media when his 40-second video uploaded by the public spread like wildfire since Dec 30 last year.

On the video, Rajendran, who was then in Kampung Chemperai here, invited residents to send motorcycles damaged by floods to his workshop located in Dengkil town.

Soon, he and two employees had to extend operating hours of the workshop until 9pm.

“As a reward to my employees and any prospective employees, I will give them a bonus helping me realise this sincere intention. This is the time to reciprocate the goodwill of my regular customers,” he said.

Operating at his workshop of 33 years, he and his mechanics have repaired more than 80 motorcycles belonging to flood victims living around Dengkil to date.

The father of four, aged between 15 and 25, called on owners to be patient as each repair took one to two hours with costs of new spark plugs, engine oil and air filter, all borne by him.

“I want to help in terms of ringgit, which I can’t really afford as my house and items were also damaged by floods. I just hope they pray for my business to prosper,” said Raja who hailed from Selangor.

Meanwhile, workshop worker Muhd ​​Nur Firdaus Che Razali, 21, who is eyeing a diploma in Automotive studies, is an Automotive Certificate graduate from the Industrial Training Institute (ILP) Mersing, Johor.

“I want more knowledge and experience but I did not expect the flood to happen and Abang Raja offering free repairs. This is my chance before I continue my studies at diploma level,” said Nur Firdaus who started work at the workshop last month. — Bernama