Friday, January 21

MMA: Help private clinics destroyed by flood get back on feet


Dr Koh Kar Chai

KUCHING (Jan 9): More than 40 private general practitioner (GP) clinics were destroyed by the Dec 18 flood last year.

Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr Koh Kar Chai said in a statement yesterday that the majority of affected clinics located in Klang and Sri Muda, Selangor were on the ground floor of shoplots.

These private clinics currently cannot operate as flood waters which had reached the ceiling had destroyed all medical equipment, medicine supplies, computers, printers, furniture amongst other important items.

Each clinic suffered damages of RM300,000 to RM500,000. Other clinics in the affected areas suffered losses too when roads were impassable.

“MMA is currently looking at ways to help affected clinics get back on their feet so they can continue serving the community affected by the flood.”

He hoped for some government assistance in consideration of GPs contribution in managing the pandemic. Many of the affected clinics were involved in Covid-19 testing and assessment, monitoring of home quarantined Covid-19 patients as well as administering Covid vaccination.

Dr Koh said MMA lauded affected doctors who had volunteered services in flood relief efforts in spite of their losses.

“Assistance from the financial sector in the form of soft loans will be much appreciated by these clinics as well as contributions from the corporate sector.”

Donations to help the affected private clinics can be made to MMA Foundation United Overseas Bank account number 1063057741.

Donors are advised to insert ‘Fund Raising for Flood’ in reference column and email transaction slips to or

For further enquiries, call Iza at 03-40411375 or Amalina (018-3684729).