Friday, January 21

Rectify roofing issue at Mile 7 Wet Market, DAP man calls on MPP


Kong (left) points at the gap in the roof over a section of Mile 7 Wet Market.

KUCHING (Jan 10): The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) needs to address the roofing problem affecting Mile 7 Wet Market here, said a local Democratic Action Party (DAP) member.

According to Michael Kong, who is special assistant to DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen, there is a wide open gap over a section of the market which poses a problem to the traders whenever it rains.

Kong said his team received complaints from the traders during a recent walkabout around the market, following the completion of roof extension works undertaken by the council there.

“Though we welcome it (extension works), there’s a section where the roof extensions do not overlap – leaving a wide open gap over a section of the market and exposing it to rain.

“This adversely affects at least two traders operating at that section, whose sell perishable food items. Rain would get their stuff wet, rendering most of it to be unfit for sale and thus, hurting their livelihood.

“This is a financial loss that these small-time traders have to bear as a result of the works that were not well thought of,” he said in a statement yesterday, adding that the traders had sought DAP’s assistance to make this issue known to the MPP.

In this regard, Kong said the party would continue to be ‘a mouthpiece for the people, and it would continue to speak for them’.

“While some GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) politicians may see this as us being busybodies, we beg to differ.

“We, as politicians, are a mouthpiece for the people and we should always speak up for them. We shall not stop working, and neither would we push aside issues just because we are the opposition.

“We would do what our conscience tells us to do so long as the people could benefit from our initiatives,” he added.