Thursday, September 28

Rubber board denies fraudulent purchases claims


KOTA KINABALU (Feb 6): The Sabah Rubber Industry Board (LIGS) has refuted claims of fraudulent purchases from rubber smallholders recently.

Its chairman, Edward Linggu, said the allegation which was said to have occurred in Tenom was not true.

He said that based on the Board’s investigations, the issue mentioned in the viraled voice message had occurred in Keningau late last year and now in Tenom.

“The issue occurred in November last year and was resolved at the time of occurrence. It was the Board’s purchasing officer’s mistake when recording the sacks of rubber sent by a rubber smallholder.

“The officer recorded 21 sacks instead of 22 sacks when calculating the payment for the rubber smallholder. The mistake was detected by the smallholder Peter Anjimin and he informed the officer who immediately rectified the amount,” said Linggu in a statement on Sunday.

Linggu stressed that it is LIGS’ social responsibility to purchase the rubber smallholders’ products directly from them at the villages.

Therefore there is no issue of villages being left out as there is a schedule of the service provided by LIGS to the smallholders.

Meanwhile Anjimin regrets that the recording of his voice was used as the source of the issue that was made viral on WhatsApp.

“The issue has been long resolved so please stop sending out the voice message in order to stop the confusion. I appeal to the relevant quarters to stop twisting and playing up the matter that occurred a few months ago,” he said.