Wednesday, November 29

TGV Cinemas: Batman screening restarted due to technical issue, not because of late arrival of VIPs


Due to miscommunication, TGV staff at the entrance presumed the 7.15pm show would also be delayed. — Picture via Twitter/TGVCinema

KUALA LUMPUR (March 7): TGV Cinemas has said that the delay in a The Batman movie screening last Saturday, which became viral on social media, was caused by a technical issue and not due to late arrival of very important persons (VIPs).

In a Twitter post, the cinema operator said the movie was restarted because some 80 per cent of the customers who had bought tickets for the screening were mistakenly kept waiting outside by TGV staff.

The staff had wrongly assumed that a persistent technical issue was not yet resolved.

“The morning and afternoon shows in IMAX on the same day were also delayed due to (a) technical issue.

“Our team acted swiftly to fix the technical issue and the evening 7.15pm session was able to start on time.

“However, due to miscommunication, some staff at the entrance presumed the 7.15pm show would also be delayed.

“At this time approximately 20 per cent of the guests had already entered the hall while the remaining 80 per cent were still waiting at the foyer and entered the hall after the movie had already commenced,” it said.

TGV stressed that the decision to restart the movie — to accommodate the customers who were made to enter later — was not part of its screening policy and that it is taking corrective measures to ensure such an occurence does not happen again.

“The session delays were caused due to a technical issue at the IMAX hall, and not due to late arrivals of VIPs as has been wrongly stated in some media.

“At no point has TGV issued a statement or official comment to any media outlet confirming this to be the cause of the delay,” it added.

TGV yesterday offered full refunds and an additional two complimentary movie tickets to all customers involved. — Malay Mail