Monday, February 6

JustLogin makes timely move into Malaysia market


KC Kwa

KUCHING: Award-winning software and cloud-based human resource (HR) company expert from Singapore, JustLogin, believes that it is timely to move into the market here amid Malaysia’s high internet penetration rate and adoption of digitalisation.

Ranging from managing staff leave to the dissemination of payrolls and claims, JustLogin has just the right solution for all businesses, including start-ups and small medium enterprises (SMEs).

Making its debut here on Malaysian shores last month, JustLogin prides itself in its mobile-first and employee-first approach, that is tailored to meet the needs of today’s millennials and Gen Zs.

JustLogin’s solutions are aimed at saving time, manpower and money while increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

“We provide software such as payroll software, leave applications, expense claims, time and attendance, and et cetera,” JustLogin founder and chief executive officer (CEO) KC Kwa explained to The Borneo Post recently.

“A fully integrated suite of HR functionalities to help SMEs improve productivity and efficiency. We have been around since 1999, almost 22 to 23 years.

“We started from Singapore, then we branched into Hong Kong, Myanmar and the (rest of the) region and Malaysia for the last one year plus.”

Kwa added that JustLogin has also developed localised Malaysian payrolls for the Malaysian markets.

“I think Malaysia is a very attractive market to us. In terms of the market size, the SMEs here is at about 1.15 million versus Singapore’s 280,000 so it’s about four or five times bigger than Singapore.

“Malaysia is also a stone’s throw away from us. It’s easier for us to travel, to meet and culturally, we are very similar. That’s one key reason for us to focus and venture into Malaysia to target this market.

“Also, Malaysia is more ready right now than perhaps when we started, with the great internet penetration, with the adoption of digitalisation, especially after this pandemic, where more people and businesses have learned that digitalisation is the way to go.

“If they cannot meet physically, they know how to use Zoom, they know how to use all those digital apps to communicate. It’s also the right time, with the shift in mindset, that we want to invest more into the Malaysian market.”

On the question of how JustLogin’s solutions can benefit SMEs, Kwa shared some examples of how it can help the company’s employees to share information, to collaborate and to do all the digital-related tasks and transactions.

“For example, take a simple thing like leave applications that every company has to do. Every company has a lot of employees who need to take leave because it’s under the Employment Act.

“The traditional way is for the employee to apply leave on a form, a piece of paper, and then get the supervisor to sign and pass this on to a few people before it reaches the HR.

“HR has got to then update that information into some back-end system, be it in Excel file or computer records, and file the leave so that they can update the leave balance.

“Other than leaves, you have other things like your time sheet, you need to check what time they come in, what time they clock out, how many hours of overtime (OT) they have worked, how much they should be paid for the OT hours. And when it goes to payroll, you’ve got to calculate how much tax to withhold, how much Socso to contribute and all that.

“All this manual work can be easily replaced by a software like ours, where employees can do it with simply a click and apply leave and route the leave application to different people, or submit the expense claims on the mobile app by scanning the receipt, or just doing a clock-in and clock-out on the mobile app and the system will then capture the data in real time and calculate the time worked and overtime, which then goes into the payroll to compute how much to pay the employee and how much to deduct for tax, for Socso and for other contributions.

“All this basically speeds up the process for the day-to-day things that HR and employees have to do.”

In short, JustLogin is literally HR in your pocket, as it allows users to access and download pay slips on the go, apply for leave anytime anywhere, deal with expense claims effortlessly and clock-in and out of work via its face recognition technology.

Its snap, scan and send functions also make submitting expenses hassle-free and seamless.

Instead of being bogged down with tedious forms and manual data entry for both HR and staff, JustLogin steps in to automate and streamline the administrative process powered by AI and microservices technology.

JustLogin currently has customers in 25 countries. For payroll, JustLogin has developed localised payroll for four countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

“We will be planning to roll out to regional countries in the coming years.”