Rep: Roads to five villages in Tebedu being repaired, upgraded


Sinang (second right) and Tebedu District Officer Joseph Liaw (third left) perform the symbolic launch of one of the projects.

KUCHING (March 20): Roads to five villages in Tebedu constituency are now being repaired and upgraded at a cost of RM400,000, says its assemblyman Dr Simon Sinang Bada.

He said all five projects implemented by Serian District Council (MDS) and funded through Malaysia Road Records Information System’s (Marris) allocation for 2021 commenced last month and are expected for completion before June.

Sinang said the project, when completed, would provide ease of movement of people and goods, and better access to the five villages, namely Temong Bengan, Krusen Siu, Sijajak Plaman, Mawang Tahup and Entubuh.

“MDS will work together with other relevant agencies such as the Public Works Department (JKR) to ensure the roads are properly tar-sealed, to enable the people in these villages to enjoy better infrastructure in terms of road access.

“We want to make sure they have better quality of life,” he said after handing over the project site to the implementing agency Friday.

He also advised village chiefs and village development and security committees (JKKK) to work together with his service centre and the implementing agency in monitoring projects in their villages.

“If the project does not adhere to the specifications, then it is incumbent for the village chiefs to complain or report the matter to the implementing agency or the service centre.

“What is important here is that we must make sure the projects are built to specifications and can be utiilised by the people,” he added.