Hasbi : Allow more Ramadan bazaars to open


Deputy Minister of Rural Development Datuk Hasbi Habibollah

LAWAS (April 1): Federal Deputy Minister of Rural Development Datuk Hasbi Habibollah has called on relevant authorities to increase the number of Ramadan bazaars or mini Ramadan bazaars in Limbang to allow traders earn extra income post Covid-19.

Hasbi, who is also Limbang Member of Parliament (MP), said it is in line with the recovery concept that focuses on the 3Rs – that is to accelerate recovery, strengthen economic resilience and reform.

“If we can open more bazaars at several places, then it will definitely help the traders and hawkers earn more, especially post Covid-19.

“Just give them permission to do business during this Ramadan as long as the premises do not pose a risk to the public,” he told reporters in Limbang yesterday.

He also called for non-governmental organisations such as Limbang Malay Association to be given the green light to operate Ramadan bazaar throughout the fasting month.

Limbang District Council (LDC) previously set only three locations for Ramadan bazaars in the district; namely at Lot 777, Limbang Night Street Market and in front of Bank Rakyat Limbang.

The bazaars would be open to the public starting April 3 from 12.30pm until 7pm throughout the month of Ramadan.

On another note, Hasbi urged the traders and hawkers to prioritise safety and cleanliness when preparing food for their customers.

“If permissions are given, then please maintain cleanliness,” he said.