Tuesday, July 5

Educators brave hardship to serve Nabawan pupils


Zazila’s mother Jusseh Agitor on her way to the school.

NABAWAN (April 8): Teachers of a primary school in the interior district here have to walk 18 hours on a 30km muddy road to provide education to the pupils. 

The plight of these educators is shared by a daughter of the 54-year-old headmistress of SK Pangaraan.

“My mother, Jusseh Agitor is the headmistress at SK Pangaraan, Nabawan. She is retiring next year, but her spirit in providing education to the younger generation is still high.

“It just breaks my heart to see her and the other teachers walking on foot for 18 hours, break their fast on a bushy muddy road and rest only for a few minutes before continuing their journey to the school.

Teachers of SK Pangaraan, Nabawan breaking fast and resting before starting their long journey to the school.

“She normally stay at the teacher’s quarters but during the recent school break, she came home in Keningau to spend her time with family,” said Zazila Roslan when contacted by The Borneo Post after noticing her Facebook post that was shared by netizens.

Going to the primary school was not that bad before, as it could be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles.

One of the collapsed bridges.

However, three old bridges connecting Nabawan town to Kg Pohon Batu and Kg Pangaraan collapsed on the same day, March 5, 2022.

There was also a landslide along the 30km road starting at 10km after Kg Binanun where the first collapsed bridge was located, totally disconnecting both villages.

The landslide.

“I vividly remember when I was little, we will spend the night at the villagers’ house to rest or sleep from the long journey to get to school where my mother teaches, due to the road conditions that cannot be passed by vehicles.

“I Just did not expect 27 years later, my mother and the other teachers have to face this situation again.

Condition of road going to the school.

“My mother was given permission to work from the district office in town until the road is passable, but knowing my mother, I know she will never sit still.

“She devoted her life to teaching in the interior for 27 years. She will never let her students miss class,” she said.

Zazila is also hoping her story will become viral as many people in both villages are in need of assistance.

“Some are already talking about food shortage,” she said.

Apart from the community who are selling their crops and getting food supplies from Nabawan town, patients who are in need of medical treatment and review are also having a hard time due to the badly damaged roads.

In SK Pangaraan alone, more than 40 students were badly affected by the current situation.

Zazila was informed that the Health Department is on standby for any medical emergency, but it is still not convenient for those who require regular medical check-up.

“Since helicopter is available for emergency cases, I just hope the relevant authority can provide transportation services to the teachers once in a while,” she added.