Friday, May 20

Plastics environmental-friendly, recyclable – MPMA


Liaw (sixth left) presenting a memento to Wong after the networking session while members look on. Ang is at fifth left while vice chairman I Tee Eng Seng of Berkilat UPVC Sdn Bhd is at third left.

KOTA KINABALU (May 13): Plastics are  environmental-friendly, said Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) Sabah advisor Datuk Alan Ang.

He informed that plastic and plastic products are cheap, economical and useful.  “Plastic is part of human’s everyday existence and will be here to stay.  Contrary to public perception, plastics are in actual fact environmental-friendly as they are recycleable,” he said.

He stressed that the solution to the plastic issues lies in addressing improper and indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste by humans.

Ang added that recycling is a big part of MPMA’s activities towards environmental and sustainability goals.
Educating the public on recycling, proper waste disposal and anti-litter campaigns especially through the younger generations is an on-going programme of MPMA.

“These are measures to keep plastics and plastic product from harming the environment,” he said.
Especially at Federal level, MPMA is actively pursuing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Ang of Uniang Plastic Industries (S) Sdn Bhd, pointed this out at a  networking session MPMA, Sabah Branch held with the director of he Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Sabah, Wong Tiang Sing at the latter’s office at KWSP Building, Karamunsing on Tuesday.

He is also MPMA Sabah past chairman.

The MPMA Sabah members were led by chairman Liaw Hen Kong of Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd.
Liaw gave a brief overview of the MPMA. He informed that MPMA has its headquarters in Peninsular Malaysia with membership strength of 750 members.  There are currently five branches, namely, Johor Branch, Northern Branch, Perak Branch, Sabah Branch and Sarawak Branch.

The MPMA Sabah Branch celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

Liaw introduced each of the members present who comprise manufacturers of semi-finished or finished plastic products.

Among their manufacturing activities are the manufacture of UPVC pipes, food packaging, corrugated pipes, water storage tanks, septic tanks, electrical conduit boxes, straws, raffia strings.

“With this networking session, we hope to strengthen the relation with MIDA with a view of working together for the future of the plastic industry”, said Liaw.

“We also wish to explore the various grants and incentives that members could benefit from, that can complement their business growth,” he added.

Wong briefed on the roles and functions of MIDA Sabah and the various grants and incentives offered that potentially benefit the Sabah plastic manufacturers.

He highlighted that there are incentives for the promoted products under the Promotion of Investment Act (PIA), 1986 (Plastic Products).

Among the promoted products are the manufacture of plastic products such as specialized plastic films or sheets, geosystem products, engineering plastic products, products moulded under clean room conditions and biopolymers or products thereof, all of which comes under the “General List”.

Also included as promoted products is the recycling of waste such as Toxic and Non Toxic Waste  which is categorized under “Manufacturing related services – Environmental management”

The other promoted products come under “Biodegradable disposable packaging products and household wares.”

Under “High Technology” is the development and manufacture of polymers and biopolymers.

Wong added that small-scale manufacturers of plastic products such as decorative panels and ornaments and epoxy encapsulation moulding compound is also included in the promoted list.

He informed that take up rate for the grants and incentives for Sabah is very low and expressed hope that MPMA Sabah members would apply if they meet the eligibility criteria.