Tuesday, August 9

KTS online talk gives tips on managing stress


Richard Albert Gontusan

KUCHING (May 21): Everyone experiences some degree of stress at home or at work at one time or another so it is imperative that stress is managed.

According to Synergy Training Services PLT principal consultant and HRDCorp-certified trainer Richard Albert Gontusan, a vast majority of health problems are caused by stress.

“It is very important to understand how stress affects one’s body and learn effective stress management techniques that work for you rather than against you.

“When stressed, a person feels restless, frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, have difficulty relaxing, sleeping, calming down, experience loss of self-esteem, wants to hide, feel lonely, worthless and avoid people,” he said in a virtual talk on ‘Managing Stress At Work’ from his office in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah today.

Richard said to avoid stress, one must first know its causes.

“Causes of stress include deadlines and targets at work, financial problems, relationship problems, changes in work or life, inability to control situations, being overwhelmed with responsibilities, not having enough work or activity or some people just worry over anything.”

He went on to say there are good/positive stress such as feeling happy due to promotion, new job, marriage, new house, a child, new business, boyfriend/girlfriend.

He recommended activities that produce good hormones to reduce anxiety and excitement but build love and trust to counter stress.

“One needs to exercise, relax body muscles, take deep long breaths, eat well and healthy, slow down activities at the office and rest one’s mind once in a while.

“Take time for hobbies and talk to someone about your problems. Spend time with family and friends, listen to soothing music in the office or car during traffic jams,” he advised.

According to Richard, there is no eliminating stress but only control and reduction by going to the source.

He gave the example of servicing cars regularly instead of waiting for them to break down to reduce stress. To reduce work stress, try improving job skills, knowledge, and communication skills. Avoid procrastination and office politics, he added.

Counting one’s blessings and planning ahead to avoid traffic jams or long queues would help reduce daily stress.

“Get up earlier to avoid traffic jam. Go to airports an hour earlier and use the time to do beneficial things. Learn new apps to complete tasks faster.”

He also suggested gardening as it is therapeutic and could even be a source of side income. Besides, the colour green helps reduce stress.

Other tips to reduce stress are to live a simple life, exercise regularly, rest, sleep and eat healthily.

“Complain less, always smile and give. Avoid envy and jealousy. Forget and avoid hostility,” he advised.

‘Managing Stress At Work’, the first of 13 talks lined up for KTS 60th Anniversary, commenced yesterday and will end in September. It was attended by 300 staff.